Strategic Alliance will help you to assure your organization is staffed with capable people, through Recruiting and Training. Manpower planning is the process of forecasting critical personnel needs and looking ahead to see how those needs will be fulfilled.

Recruiting is a major effort to attract prospective employees to your organization, who are capable of assuming your established job responsibilities.

Benefits of using Strategic Alliance for Staffing:

  • We will secure candidates with specialized skills or those skills/certifications which are hard to find.
  • Save advertising costs, Strategic Alliance will advertise for you, locally and/or nationally.
  • Hire outside talent, who bring new approaches and creativity
  • Relieves managers' expectation to always promote from within
  • Allow Human Resource personnel to invest more time on preventive and critical internal concerns.
  • Anonymous recruiting, allows organizations to acquire a candidate pool which may not have otherwise been aware or sought interest with organization.
Implementation of Training impacts levels of employee satisfaction, job effectiveness, company efficiencies and overall the rate of organizational growth.

Benefits of using Strategic Alliance, Inc. for your training

  • Sales Training and coaching
    • Advance sales skills of inside and outside representatives
    • Improve client/provider relationships and retention
  • Management coaching and soft-skill training
    • Utilize coaching, delegation, motivation and team-building strategies.
    • Apply the most successful practices of managing conflict, failure, diversity, change, time, etc.
  • Leadership, Management development programs, with Succession Planning
    • Better prepare and transition newly promoted employees
    • Increase entry-level/front-line bench strength
  • Performance Improvement
    • Implement short and long-term Performance Management strategies
    • Improve employee retention and work-group productivity
For assistance with planning or implementing any of your "Manpower" strategies, please contact the team at Strategic Alliance, Inc.


International Leasing Company: "Strategic Alliance is my top staffing agency! The recruiters are a delight to work with. They consistently refer top quality candidates and their professionalism and vast recruiting knowledge are a great asset to their company."

Beth H.
Recruiting Supervisor

Fortune 500 Company: "We have been working with the recruiters from Strategic Alliance for many years. Our company has hired extraordinary candidates from them. They take much pride in sending qualified and outstanding candidates. Strategic Alliance has always been a pleasure to work with and we will continue to use their service in years to come."

Kristie N.