Strategic Alliance will assist you with matching your career goals to fit the right position. Career planning is the process of identifying your objectives (what you want to achieve or be a part of in your future position); your actual and potential skills, knowledge and abilities; and those companies or industries that are suitable matches.

Benefits of using STRATEGIC ALLIANCE for your career search:

  • We will match your talents to a career well suited for you. Strategic Alliance will focus on your experience, skills, salary requirements, location, job responsibilities, benefits and promotion opportunities to meet your expectations.
  • Fine Tune your resume. Strategic Alliance will help you prepare your resume to make yourself most marketable. Sample Resume
  • More effective than using classified advertisements. We have access to many positions that are not advertised. We also have information on specifics on the job opening and the corporate culture.
  • Interview Preparation. We can suggest ideas on how to present yourself at your best on interviews, write thank you notes and how to dress appropriately. We will also give you feedback, so it will prepare you for your next interview.
  • We will present your resume and qualifications to our clients, only after you have given us authorization.
  • There is NO FEE to you. Our corporate clients pay the service fee.
Out of State Candidates
Please print, complete, sign and fax/mail the "Out of State Candidates" application. We very much look forward to helping you find employment.


Recent College Grad - "Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I am very happy at my new position."

Robyn S.

Experienced Inside Sales Representative - "It is really nice to know that my recruiters worked hard for me. As a result, I got an interview and a fabulous job with a great company. I will always suggest Strategic Alliance to job seekers."

Monica T.

Succesful Outside Sales Executive - "The nicest present you got for me was a chance to interview with my new employer. What a wonderful experience it has been to work for such a professional organiziation. I am thankful that Strategic Alliance did a thorough job of providing me information about this position and all they have to offer. You have indeed changed the course of my career and I am very grateful."

Suzy L.